Welcome to our parish community!

We're excited that you are thinking of joining us. As you may already know, Guthrie County Catholic Churches is supported by St. Mary in Guthrie Center, St. Cecilia in Panora and St. Patrick in Bayard. 

As a member, you'll elect one of our three churches in which you'll become a registered member. However, we encourage you to attend mass at any of our churches and attend social activities sponsored by all three. 

Place your completed form in the collection plate at mass or return it to the Parish Office

It's a family affair.

Participating in the Church ministries is a great way to grow together as a family. We’d love to have you and your family celebrate the sacred liturgy with us. Please consider sharing your time and talents with us. It’s a great way to get to know your fellow parishioners and give back to your parish community.

Let us know which ministries interest you and your family. 

Place your completed form in the collection plate at mass or return it to the Parish Office.

Learn and grow with us.

Each church within Guthrie County Catholic Churches offers its own youth religious education program. Religious studies are tailored to help children prepare for the sacred sacraments, including first reconciliation, first communion and confirmation. 

To learn more about class times and to download a class schedule, visit our Faith Formation page. 

If you have a child receiving a sacred sacrament this year, let us know. 

We'll contact you to discuss the details.